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“The Remembrance of the good done those we have loved is the only consolation when we have lost them.” – Demoustier

The passing away of a loved one is a time of grief, and need; a need to come together and render support as a community.

Alwida, a community project of Alwasila Trust, lends a shoulder to under privileged families in this sober moment of sorrow by taking care of funeral responsibilities and arrangements. As part of the Ummah, Alwida wants to ensure that these families are able to bid farewell to the departing soul without the burden of debt and chaos.


Our Services

Our Services

Alwida provides funeral and burial arrangements that cover

  • >Expenses for the shroud

  • >Preparations for receiving the guests (tents, seating, crockery, etc)

  • >Expenses for the burial

  • >Expenses for transport to and from the cemetery

  • >Arranging food for the family and mourners (50 to 80) on the day of bereavement, and

  • >Providing food for the family for 3 days

Join hands with us in making the last farewell a moment of building faith through assistance, donations or sponsoring (20 000 PKR for sponsoring 1 burial)

Alwasila Trust

Alwasila Trust

AlWasila Trust was created to provide opportunities for Muslims to help fellow Muslims.

Officially registered as a trust in Pakistan in the year 2012; AlWasila has been functioning informally since 2007. Over the years AlWasila has evolved from an individual’s humble efforts in the field of micro-finance, healthcare and community support to a widely recognized trust that holds seven subsidiary not-for-profit programs.

The Trust was founded by Asim Ismail, whose background in academics and entrepreneurship has greatly benefited the project. Along with AlWasila, Asim Ismail is the founder and principal of Fajr Academy, Fatiha Academy, Tarbiyah International curriculum and Tarbiyah International workshops.

AlWasila operates projects in the field of micro finance through Rozgar, healthcare through Markaz e Shifa, community service through Safai Wala, Rehen Sehen, Alwida, and Khair-List, and disaster relief management through Ummati and Qatrah.


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    1- Will this service be restricted to Muslims only?
    Ans: This service are for all and sundry.

    2- Will the sect of the deceased be taken into consideration?
    Ans: This service is not restricted to any sect or school of thought

    3- Does Alwida follow any rituals that the family would want?
    Ans: Alwida does not accept the inclusion of any rites or traditions that goes against its belief.